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This hits right in the heart for me, I've been struggling a lot lately with finding a balance of trying to be productive and actually allowing myself to just exist without feeling guilty. And also with writing my own newsletters, I've had a lot of things I've wanted to talk about but I keep second guessing myself and end up just not writing anything. Same with just interacting with people, like, I've rewritten this comment three or four times and debated whether I should comment or not but here goes.

The things that have been giving me joy lately though has been reading 'The Girl from the Other Side' by Nagabe and 'Witch Hat Atelier' by Kamome Shirahama, they both have such good narratives and lovely art. I also got back into playing Mass Effect Andromeda after not touching it for years and that felt a bit like coming home for me since Mass Effect had a huge impact on my life back when the original trilogy of games came out.

It's hard giving myself permission to spend the time reading/gaming but I feel so much better when I do immerse myself in these worlds so I keep working on cutting myself some slack.

I do love seeing these glimpses of your life, it reminds me a lot of my childhood in my small town 💜

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Thank you for this elaborate comment, I am sorry it took me a while to answer. And thank you for reading ❤️

It absolutely hits home with re writing and second guessing. I slowly work towards trusting my instinct just a tiny bit better. Because this second guessing takes so much energy.

I believe that books and games are essential to keep mental health cleaner and nicer. We are told too much to be crazy productive.

I started slowly reading Atelier recently, it is soooooo beautifully crafted. I just cannot! I will check out another title you mentioned, thank you ❤️

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